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Group Overview

1) My Life On A Stick Publisher - life stories of people with something to say, for broadcast, online and in your pocket. Unleash your world with our  portable treasure chests allowing you to carry the symphony of your life in your pocket on a

4-in-1 USB Stick.

My Life On A Stick is launching with two significant and unique stories...

(i) 'Sam Smith Diva Boy'; How Where When it all started for Sam Smith and how Sam was enabled to be a pop star. (ii) ‘Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat’; Bob discovered Sam and RJB wrote Sam's first album... Until now the best kept secret in the Music Business.

"If your life is on a stick, you’ve earned it".

2) Flipbook TV (FBTV) - has an expansive tv portfolio which includes Sam Smith’s spectacular 90-minute documentary.

3) Venus and Mars Music (V&M) - Label Catalogue which includes Sam Smith’s actual first album 'Sam Smith Diva Boy'.

4) Orestes Music Publishing (OMP) - Publishing Catalogue which includes Sam Smith’s early song writing.

FBTV V&M OMP, although long established, have been, unavoidably, inactive for some time; they have now been curated into MLOAS group and their activities have been refreshed, reimagined, repackaged and newly created.

Founding Team

Dee O'Reilly 1980 | Betty Kane 1983 (RIP 2021) | John O’Reilly (Nephew) 1990. Dee Betty John created My Life On A Stick Group and produced the creative portfolios.  Their experience spans a broad spectrum of media and entertainment.

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