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This is the one, and only, true history of how where when it all started for award-winning global pop star Sam Smith and how Sam was enabled to be a popstar.    

                  … until now the best kept secret in the music business

How Where When Sam’s journey to global popstar began.

It was Sam's unique development and promotional journey with Venus and Mars Music  (V&M) their first label - management that enabled them to pivot from the quiet calm of a sleepy village in Cambridgeshire England to the sublime heights of Billboard, Brits, Academy, Grammy Awards and Global Pop Stardom and The Proms.  "V&M took Sam to the edge of his awesome career and gave him the canvas on which he could, and did, paint the landscape of his future"

90 min Documentary tells the whole story.

‘Sam Smith Their Incredible Journey’ is the unique and exclusive account of the discovery and formative years of a much-loved global superstar. Not only has this material been long unavailable and never-before seen, but it captures the evolution of ambition into art, the process and sympathetic teamwork of nurturing a star into being, the recognition and blossoming of a true natural talent in a film that is fascinating and unprecedented". James Norton

Sam’s creative portfolio:  Documentary | Albums | Videos | Picture Gallery | 'The Book Of Sam'

Crazy Crazy Stuff & Make Friends Split  Screen
Sam Smith Incredible Journey
Pop Video Trailer

'Sam Smith Diva Boy' - an integral piece of Sam’s extraordinary history. 

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