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Flipbook TV

Formats, Concepts, Ideas, Production - a diverse slate of  entertainment-competition shows | dramcom | chat-life-story shows

A small selection of our Shows, Formats, Concepts.

• ‘Sam Smith Their Incredible Journey’ 90m Documentary. A Story like no other with Sam as never seen before.

‘A Listers’ - My Life On A Stick Signature TV show - all the quality elements of entertainment, documentary and life story.

 ’Love On The Box’ - Dating interactive show for Love or Money               

‘The Alphabet According To...‘ - Informed Q&A Series

‘A Single Symphony‘ - Competition Entertainment Series - 7-14-weeks

‘Super Delta Three TV’ - six part tv series to be reinvented as Band TV

‘A Knife For A Life’ - Dramcom / Social Issue.

‘Twin Towns’ - A Tale of Two Cities

‘Flipbook Stars' Perpetual Biography - goes on forever!

Programmes - work in progress.

‘The Band That Rocks The Cradle’ | ‘BE’ - Socio-media arts project | 'Reality TV’ | 'A Horse A Horse’ | 'Living Next Door To Alice’ | ‘Undercover’  | ‘King Queen and I’ | more formats and a catalogue of ideas.

Music Division

Venus and Mars Music - Label  | Orestes Music Publishing - Publishers

Songs, Soundtracks, Raps, Stings. This is a small sample of our Recording and Publishing catalogue.

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