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Love great music and a story to match? Then this is for you

is a human story and a memorable music-biz journey undertaken since 1988 by Ria John Bob, their music and their art. ‘When Sam Met Bob’ is the life defining meeting between Bob and the ward-winning global pop star Sam Smith and it was that meeting which, ultimately, enabled Sam to become a pop star ... the best kept secret in music ... until now.

Previously unseen-unheard time-lined historical footprint and cultural legacy of Ria John Bob
Portfolio includes: Quirky 6 part TV series | Multimedia Book |  Albums | Pop, Performance, Chat Videos | Picture Gallery

‘Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat’ is an inspiring and most unusual story charting the epic journey through the music business since 1988 by the artists Ria John Bob. It is also a music-biz eye-opener giving a first-hand and rare insight into the business of music “how it works and how it really is. RJB were signed to major labels, recorded several albums, toured extensively, and had their own TV show, oh and Bob discovered Sam Smith. 'Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat' is drawn from time-lined extensive multimedia records, kept by their management, of their entire journey.

Ria John Bob wrote Sam's debut album 'Sam Smith Diva Boy’ which achieved Sam’s first chart success. Sam's success would never have happened ... without Ria John Bob

Ria John Bob - Lovatux
Ria John Bob - Super Delta Three
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A piece of music history 

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