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Life stories for broadcast, online and in your pocket ...

a new take on multimedia storytelling delivered on a Memory Stick.

Memory Stick: We publish stories of celebrated people with something to say and a life story to match.

Our multi-platform 4-in-1 memory stick allows you to watch and read our stories on any device anywhere anytime - even while climbing the Himalayas … although climbing the Himalayas is not mandatory!

"if your life is on a stick you've earned it"

4in1 Memory Stick

Online-Streaming: Instant access to your purchase is also available

A Collectors Dream

90 minute Documentary Film | Album 'RELAX' | Pop, Chat & Performance Videos | Picture Gallery | 'The Book Of Sam'

My Life On A Stick launches with a significant story about award-winning global pop star Sam Smith. 

Sam is currently signed to Capitol Records but ‘How When Where’ did Sam start their journey and how Sam was enabled to become the pop star they are today.

The best kept secret in the music business ... until now 

Sam Smith

This is not a story … this is the most unique capture of a global popstar enroute to becoming a global pop star. A step-by-step time-lined historical footprint and cultural legacy of Sam - as never before seen or heard. Sam is centre stage throughout - a beautiful experience.

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