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Company Conduct

  • Pythagoras taught that unity is the first great law of the universe and we at My Life On A Stick follow his example.

  • My Life On A Stick is trustworthy.

  • Our activities are conducted by a code of ethics and social responsibility.

  • Our ethos … We value and protect workers, creatives and creativity.

  • Diversity is within our conscientiousness.

  • Care for the community is within our being.

  • Purpose is what we have.

  • We appreciate and value each and every person who has played, or is playing, a role in the life of My Life On A Stick

“Look at the things that bind us in life and the prisons we create for ourselves but we can turn these prisons round from oppression or destructive influences into protected and expressive places where we can be free. Everyone can forgive themselves, set themselves free, ignore detractors, rise above all difficulties and become who they really are” Derrick Moore

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